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Remembering Ruby


Ruby Dee was never too busy. That is how I remember her. Would she record a TV spot for ArtsWestchester? Happy to do so. Would she say a few words at a local school? In a heartbeat! A poetry reading with her family at ArtsWestchester? Of course! Accept an arts award? Yes…but…heaven knows she didn’t […]

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What I Bought


I did not need anything when I walked into the holiday boutique at ArtsWestchester. But ogling all the great stuff, I hung closer to my wallet. Then I met artist Eva Olivia, an entrepreneur who makes organic beauty products with natural plant-based ingredients. She reeled me in to try out a frothy, vanilla mixture just […]

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A Children’s Museum in Westchester


Is Westchester a “bedroom community”?  I struggled with this question when I first came to Westchester from Boston some twenty years ago.  Naysayers told me I was coming to a bedroom community.  Obviously, a bedroom community is where you sleep…that’s all. What would I do at night or on weekends?   The search committee at ArtsWestchester, […]

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Let’s Talk


Like Ed Koch, I frequently ask the question, “How’re we doing?” Mine is not a personal question, not quite a global one, but more or less a national one. My yardstick is more moral than monetary. I tend to fall back on President Kennedy’s standard that, “This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor.” […]

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Heroes of Hurricane Sandy


When people ask where I’m from, I most often say, “I’m just a kid from the Rockaway’s.” This used to evoke a querulous “Where?” But no longer. Unfortunately, the Rockaway’s are recently famous, but not for the charm and fun I knew riding my bike on the boardwalk on a brisk winter’s day from Beach […]

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Nature is Art


Beauty, we are told, is in the eye of the beholder. So for some beauty is a sunset.  For others, it’s a sports car or a diamond.  For Robert Wiener, Chairman of Maxx Properties and ArtsWestchester board member, beauty is a geode.  For more than 40 years, Wiener has been collecting geodes, some 2,000 of […]

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One of A Kind Gifts


Years ago, when I was a kid, I received a gift of a handmade silk handkerchief case with my name hand stitched on it.  At the time, I was disappointed that it wasn’t something store bought. But, truth be told, I remember that gift more vividly than any other I ever received.  Funny the way […]

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Who Has Seen The Wind?

037 trees in wind

Frankenstorm Sandy came barreling into Westchester, very slow at first, but gaining velocity as it grew.  Watching 40 and 50 foot high trees doing a ballet number behind my house was culturally beautiful, yet realistically scary. Any one of them at any minute could snap. Two actually did…one uprooted, the other was felled, missing a […]

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