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Public Art: Making White Plains Vibrant With Mayor Roach

Some time ago, ArtsWestchester was asked to weigh in on a selection process of artworks for the $93 million train station renovation at the White Plains train depot. It was quite an occasion, for which we invited Mayor Thomas Roach to join us and give his point of view on the opening selection. We traveled […]

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An Artistic Tour of Africa

Life can be all about connecting. By that, I mean we all strive to work together with people who are on our own wavelength. The moment I met her, I knew that Rose Luangisa and I had something in common. We both had a passion for fashion. My passion comes from life experiences in the […]

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Rothko’s Chapel

Many artists long for financial success. Their integrity is often a barrier to such a result. Such was the case with Mark Rothko, who received a commission of $35,000, which was unheard of in 1958, to create a series of murals for the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan, part of the then-new Seagrams building designed […]

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The Ceiling

In 17th century England, it was commonplace for a ceiling to be treated as a work of art. Not so much here in the U.S.; however, such practices migrated here and can be found on occasion in places and estates that were meant to reflect wealth. Such an example presented itself when ArtsWestchester purchased its […]

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A Purposeful Life

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I caught up with Mamie Duncan-Gibbs, an actress, dancer and theatrical personality who, for many years, was the artistic director at Youth Theater Interactions – an organization in Yonkers that teaches kids how to use the arts and music to make their lives better.  Mamie’s passion now is senior citizens. At 60 […]

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Does the Devil Wear Prada?

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To be sure, there are many ways to use fabric in the search of artistic meaning. For me, it has been a lifetime journey, starting in my childhood. I was, so to speak, “born to the velvet.” By this I mean to say not that I was a rich kid, but that velvet was an […]

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Art Under the Starry Skies of Ghent, NY

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but it seems to me more artists are migrating out of the city to a more bucolic life in upstate New York. Maybe it’s just a Covid thing or an affordable housing shortage, but on a recent trip upstate the signs of artists seemed ubiquitous. Alas, I […]

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Public Art on the Cusp

Mural at 50 Main Street by Raymond Saa

June may be “busting out all over” in Westchester, but so is public art. Developers are teaming up with ArtsWestchester to commission temporary and permanent murals, and sculptures in downtown White Plains. All this creative activity coalesces in a five-day Serious Fun Arts Fest, taking place in White Plains from October 12-16. The truth is, public […]

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