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Bursting at the Seams

It has been so sweet to see arts organizations in Westchester coming back stronger than ever after Covid. I recently witnessed this at the Clay Art Center, which had an exhibition opening in sweltering July that kept no one from attending and purchasing inspiring clay objects on sale. It is clear to me that kilns […]

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There was anger on the walls. There was pain in the room. There was understanding, courage and occasional triumph, as girls at The Children’s Village reclaim their lives moving on from the horrors of being trafficked. When is an art show more about tears, stories, abuse, denial and revenge? These are the words that came […]

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Puerto Rican Artists Take Center Stage at the Arts Exchange

Before ArtsWestchester moved into its current headquarters, the building was known as the Peoples National Bank & Trust Co., where White Plains residents gathered to transact business and safeguard their savings. We cherish this bank’s bygone name because we feel the building belongs to the people of Westchester.  That’s what we had in mind when we purchased the building […]

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The East Village 
Comes to Verplanck

Painting as Performance/Performance as Painting exhibition on view in KinoSaito’s gallery (photo credit: Jody Kivort)

For just a few moments, it felt much like a time warp, in which I was back in the Sixties in the East Village searching for some abandoned church or obscure place where there was an arts happening going on. It was always some hard-to-find place like the one in Verplank, NY, which just opened […]

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Much Ado About Masks


Americans seem to love symbols. It’s our shorthand or slang for announcing who we are or how we feel. So it’s no wonder that masks have become as popular as T-shirts, baseball hats or decals as a way of announcing an affiliation or a point of view. As a kid growing up in Far Rockaway, […]

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Art in the Workplace


Is art in the workplace just a nice distraction? Or does it have more subtle powers? Studies on this subject seem to infer that art in the workplace boosts both creativity and productivity. With the premise that good design and artful surroundings are positive motivators, Developer Martin Ginsburg launched his latest creative project at City […]

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Instead of Hate, Celebrate


If you’ve been walking to or from The Westchester mall en route to do your holiday shopping, you may have noticed some painterly action on Hale Ave., Maple Ave and South Broadway. For sure, things are beginning to look a lot more colorful in this neighborhood. In fact, three artists are outside painting new murals […]

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How Does a Chair Become a Work of Art?


    Sitting here in my office on my ergonomic Aeron chair, I couldn’t help but wonder: How does a chair become a work of art?  Or does it ever? One criteria might be that it has a name like the Eames chair, named after its designers Charles and Ray Eames and produced by the Herman Miller company. […]

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