All Good Things Must Come to an End


Whoever coined the phrase “all good things must come to an end” clearly must have seen and loved our HATtitude exhibition which alas comes to an end this Saturday at 5 p.m.  That is, unless some venue pops up out of the blue that can accommodate all 150 chapeaus in a manner befitting their elegance.  […]

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Masters in the Print Studio


The thing I love about Jasper Johns is the way he zeroes in on common objects like numbers, flags and maps. His magnifying lens zooms in on these objects that in the process become larger than life. Take the number one.  Johns turns the lowliest of numbers into an icon.  From his microscopic vantage point, […]

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Women Supporting Women

JLblog_Credit Don Hogan Charles_The New York Times

There she was on Sunday. In color. Gloria Steinem on the cover page of the New York Times editorial section. Who would have thought in the 60′s that Steinem’s 80th birthday would be a cause for celebration in the mainstream press? I turned the page and there with Steinem were two women from my life: Elinor Guggenheimer first woman […]

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It’s All About Men


To look at her, you might think she’s a school teacher. But Georgette Gouveia is actually the feisty editor of the smart and sassy WAG, a monthly magazine dedicated to serving up a piquant dish of stories to keep tongues wagging. Gouveia is also the author of a hot-off-the press, and I do mean hot, racy […]

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I am definitely not a hat person, although I do love hats.  So I was happy to try on a few at the HATtitude exhibition of ArtsWestchester.  I found out that despite my short hair, there were a few I could wear with HATtitude.  Most of the try-on hats were provided by co-curator of the […]

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Arts pARTnerships


At 8 a.m. on a very snowy morning, fifty business leaders gathered at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to hear Robert Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts talk about the value of partnering with the arts. The morning was dedicated to helping ArtsWestchester (ArtsW) develop 50 new business partnerships for it’s 50th anniversary year […]

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Joan of Art

Obit_Joan_Mondale-09313-450_photobyBrian PetersonAssociated Press

Every year, when the final figure for the NEA budget is announced, (this year $146 million) the nation’s arts community breathes a collective sigh of relief.  It’s certainly not because the agency’s funds are hardy enough to trickle down to all the various localities in the country. It’s more because although its budget is modest, […]

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The Mad Hatters of Mamaroneck Avenue


Some 10 years ago, on a visit to Milwaukee, I was charmed by a small exhibition of hats that African American women wore to church. Each hat was more unusual than the next. I came home inspired to do something similar at ArtsWestchester. The staff was indulgent, but not exactly charged up. Time passed. The […]

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