What I Bought

I did not need anything when I walked into the holiday boutique at ArtsWestchester. But ogling all the great stuff, I hung closer to my wallet. Then I met artist Eva Olivia, an entrepreneur who makes organic beauty products with natural plant-based ingredients. She reeled me in to try out a frothy, vanilla mixture just made for dry skin…like mine, she said. Once I sampled the aromatic body butter, I was hooked. To explain, I am one of those people who goes to a wine tasting and buys everything I taste. It’s probably the guilt thing. Across the aisle from the body butter was a photo studio offering a $500 family portrait package for $50. Who doesn’t love a bargain, right? So, yes, I bought the package.

Down further, I found Evelyn Eidelberg, one of our roster artists, who thanked me profusely for sending her into senior centers to do workshops. She plied me with tales of how important ArtsWestchester is to the home-bound seniors. I ate it up. So, yes, if you must know, I bought a necklace from Evelyn. How could I not after such gracious compliments. Then there was the flower lady. I had met her in Mt. Vernon at the Arts on Third festival and invited her to show her lush silk flower arrangements at our boutique. I must buy something from her, too. After all, I couldn’t let her schlep all those petals back to Mt. Vernon. I bought these adorable little orchids for gifts. Then there was the silver ring.  It was just like the one I lost.  Had to have it. I’ll be back this weekend.  There will be 26 vendors, and I plan to finish my “non-shopping” spree on Saturday and Sunday at the boutique.  Please join me.

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