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Everyone Loves a Pop-Up

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  Back in the day, the term “pop-up” usually referred to the ubiquitous Pillsbury doughboy. In today’s world, it has taken on new meaning. Many a pop-up gallery has come and gone in empty storefronts around the city. Enter the New Rochelle Arts Council taking the concept to a whole new level by introducing artist-made […]

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Blowin’ in the Wind

I cheered to myself when I heard Bob Dylan was chosen for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Days later, I was crushed when he didn’t accept the honor. His answer is probably still “blowin’ in the wind.” But, OMG, what a missed moment for the arts! My delight at first was due to the “bravo” […]

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Book vs. Nook

On CBS this past Sunday, Charles Sheaffer asked four authors/panelists whether they preferred a book to a Nook. All four chose the book over the nook, waxing poetic at times about the physicality of  its heft and the feel of its pages.  Perhaps this is a generational thing?  Or maybe a habit?  I personally find […]

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Primary Lessons

Half way through Sarah Bracey White’s memoir, Primary Lessons, I had a strange realization.  Sarah’s mother was much like mine.  A teacher, independent, the main family provider, eager for her children to succeed, proud to a fault, uncompromising in her values, not cold, but certainly not warm and fuzzy, and silently demanding in her expectations […]

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