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The Arts Are on a Roll in Upstate New York

The arts are on a roll in upstate New York, which is good news for us in Westchester County. According to a recent study titled Upstate’s Creative Spark How the Arts Is Catalyzing Economic Vitality Across Upstate New York, employment in the arts and culture sector across upstate New York surged 35 percent from 2009 […]

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The NEA Needs our Help

We hear a lot of talk these days about freedom. And to be sure, freedom means something different to each person. As arts advocates, one freedom that we may take for granted is the non-wavering support of arts and culture through the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The NEA is a small agency that […]

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Visiting KinoSaito

County Legislator Colin Smith beamed as his mother, Dolores Smith, wandered through the building of a former parochial school in Verplanck, where she was a student years ago. The school, most recently transformed into a contemporary gallery and artistic space, still had elements of its former youth, such as blackboards and other manifestations of its […]

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Juneteenth and the Rights of American Citizenship

Though Juneteenth was intended to become a singular national holiday to be celebrated on the 19th of June, towns, villages and cities in our county are providing celebrations, remembrances, and activities during the entire month of June. This variety of events is good as it allows each community to create its own vibrant “Juneteenth” celebration. […]

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The Arts Feel Good in the Economy


What does Westchester County have in common with Chicago and Boston?  They are all robust creative centers having more than 5% of their businesses designated as belonging to the creative industry sector.  So says a report from Americans for the Arts (AFTA) which cites all three locations as places where designers, photographers, filmmakers, gallerists, musicians and artistic […]

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Who’s in Charge of Inspiration?


        When I first met George Yancopoulos, I was dazzled… not by his good looks (although he is handsome by any measure)… not even by his scientific acumen (which is impressive by any measure). The thing I admired most about George is his left brain…his artistic side…his je ne sais quoi side… […]

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Remarkable Achievement


    The word is out, and it’s good news…for the arts…for a change.  It seems the NEA is here to stay.  At least that’s what we’ve been told by Americans for the Arts (AFTA) as they announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the FY 2019 funding increases for a number of federal agencies […]

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An NEA Update in Pet Parlance


I am trying to wrap my head around a few newsworthy items. One of these is the number and size of dogs jet-setting on airlines. Now I happen to be a dyed in the wool dog lover.  So I asked myself what I might do if I was offered a free trip to Hawaii with […]

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