Over the Moon

Wane One (photo credit: Mark Vergari)

Wane One is a happy fella.  In fact, he’s over the moon, so to speak, about the street mural he and his crew are painting in front of the ArtsWestchester building on Mamaroneck Avenue.  Wane One, the name, is actually the “tag” of Wayne Peterkin, who began his artistic career using spray cans to paint subway cars. Growing up in the Bronx where the elevated tracks were ubiquitous, Wane and his buddies roamed the street at night audaciously using trains as a canvas for their self-expression. What a thrill it must have been, and daring too, to have seen one’s own artwork in the public realm. Not every graffiti artist transcends this practice to build a career in the arts. But Wane One knew this was his calling. Street art was his path to graphic design, to outdoor murals to corporate branding. In fact, he’s worked with the best of the best — brands like Reebok and Sean John Menswear. Thirty-five years since those subway cars, Wane One and ArtsWestchester found their way to each other and collaborated on this wonderful public art project. Now we’re both over the moon.


Street art by Wane One

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