Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year

China Reflections by Rosalind Schneider



Ella Fitzgerald sang it. So did Sarah Vaughan and Carly Simon. Even Deana Durbin. And we are singing it too. The fact is that “spring will be a little late this year.” All through April, the weather teased us with a few balmy days, but in the end, it was fake weather news.  I always wait until Cinco de Mayo to put out my flower pots.  However, if anyone thinks that today’s 91 degrees is some alternative fact, you can check out Roz Schneider‘s view of the natural world which she says is her own personal reality (hopefully it’s not as hot as mine).  She captures visual images in nature, selects and superimposes one on another layering images on an archival glass collage surface.  She will talk about her work with a video presentation on Saturday, May 5th, 2 pm at the Hammond Museum.  The presentation will include a retrospective of this avant-garde artist’s work, China Suite, a series of 4 short videos and Hudson Flow: a River of Dreams, weather or not permitting.

A River of Dreams by Rosalind Schneider

Hudson Fragmentation by Rosalind Schneider

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