The Power of Mentoring











As a modern mom, I wanted my daughters to be independent. Powerful. Strong. Confident. Rich in knowledge and understanding. Yesterday, those words were echoed (and then some) as sixty-one young ladies gathered to celebrate the completion of a year-long mentoring program with the organization Her Honor Mentoring, founded and directed by Nicole Sheindlin, the daughter of TV’s Judge Judy Sheindlin. Sixty-one young women, seniors in high schools from Mount Vernon to Mamaroneck and Yonkers, had high hopes when they were chosen by Her Honor and agreed to be mentored. Sixty-one professional women were invited to be mentors. I was one of them, along with colleagues My Sisters’ Place CEO Karen Cheeks-Lomax, Judge Delores Brathwaite, and others from Master Card.

Judge Judy Sheindlin

“To be the best I can be” was the goal echoed throughout the room. It was heard in the spirit of these young ladies beginning their journey in life. It was also visible in the hearts of the mentors who understood the power of mentoring.