Art in the Workplace

Is art in the workplace just a nice distraction? Or does it have more subtle powers? Studies on this subject seem to infer that art in the workplace boosts both creativity and productivity. With the premise that good design and artful surroundings are positive motivators, Developer Martin Ginsburg launched his latest creative project at City Square in White Plains, with a collection of original works of art by WESTCHESTER and regional artists that were curated for the property by ArtsWestchester. The complex is a mixed use development with office, residential, retail and lifestyle amenities, principally an artistic environment that boldly suggests that being surrounded by art is inspirational. The collection features works by Carrie Belk, who uses encaustic materials to create depth and surface tension in her paintings; Raymond Saa of Jersey City, who constructs massive collages using oil on canvas; and Paul Greco, who creates abstract work that focuses on subjects ranging from the cosmic to the microscopic. There are also sculptures like Steve Rossi’s painted ladders on the mezzanine, which Rossi uses to question value systems and “the ladder of success” as it relates to the egalitarian nature of the American dream. Ginsburg himself is concerned with the big picture and is featuring art in living and work spaces. Does art really make a difference?¬† We think so. Check out the video linked here.