Without the Groundhog

Spring… Finally! My mother taught me how to tell when a cake is done. You pull out a straw from a broom, insert it slowly into the cake and then pull it out quickly. If it comes out without wet batter, the cake is done. The tricky part, of course, is finding a broom in today’s households, and a straw one at that. You can’t test a cake with a Swifter anymore than you can tell spring by the weather. Here’s ten reliable harbingers of spring. 1. It’s the forsythia, man. Much more reliable than cherry blossoms or magnolia. 2. It’s the bunny or the bird, not the groundhog. 3. Tag sale, moving sale, garage sale. estate sale. 4. Bags of leaves. 5. Asphalt trucks. 6. Ice cream cones. 7. Ticks. 8. Daylight Savings Time. 9. Bicyles. 10. ArtsBash.  Wait for the commercial. ArtsWestchester’s annual rite of spring on May 20th and 21st.

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