When Doves Cry: A Salute to Prince

The world and the music world lost its Prince. He was an original… a one of a kind… an innovator who spanned many generations. We salute his legacy with some quotes from our multi-generational staff.  He touched them all with his brilliance.

“The profound impact of Prince’s influence on the entertainment industry is deeper than many may even realize.  He gave dancer Misty Copeland one of her first big breaks when he requested she go on tour with him; he wrote popular songs for other artists, like The Bangles’ Manic Monday; he introduced bravado, creativity and individualism to his music, performances and personality.  One doesn’t just listen to his music, they experience it.”  – Mary Alice Franklin, Communications Manager & ArtsNews Editor

“When I think of Prince, I think of a**less chaps, Purple Rain and the words ‘sensual, sultry singer.’  He let the world know that Minnesota was pumping out some good tunes.”  – Jessy Mendez, Program Manager, Arts in Education

“I am saddened to see such an icon pass away. I don’t believe future generations will get to experience what artists like Prince and David Bowie brought to the table and what they did for music and pop culture.”  – Siria Perez, Programs & Policy Assistant

“Although we never were sure what he wanted to be called at any given time, Prince was, for my generation, both the ultimate in cool and the consummate artist.  One thing is for sure, when we heard his songs, everyone danced.”  –Michele Miller, Campaign Manager

“There is a nostalgia I get from Prince that few other things in life can stir up in me. He was one of mine and my mom’s biggest heroes… he was the first concert I ever went to. Far beyond my personal experience, he is an undeniable musical legend. Purple Rain, When Doves Cry and Sign O’ the Times, among others, still give me goose-bumps to this day. Between his unforgettable vocal range, his admirable instrument versatility, and his contributions to multiple genres, such as R&B, jazz, funk and hip hop, he was a force to be reckoned with and is a big loss to the music world. He will be dearly missed.”  – Carolina Melo, Website Administrator

“I don’t have specific memories of his music in my house having immigrant parents (although I’d school everyone on 60s-80s music in Latin America!)… But I do know that Prince pushed the boundaries of masculine sexuality.  I’ve heard stories of him compared to more ‘classically masculine’ Al Green in both appearance and voice.  It’s clear he struck a note when he came on the scene and now most artists strive to set themselves apart even just a little.” – Nathalie Gonzalez, Sr. Designer & Creative Manager

“Growing up, my mom was always rocking out to Prince. I used to dance along to Kiss with my older sister and little brother.” – Brittany Rice, Gallery Intern

Kiss was one of the first songs I bought on iTunes!” – Caroline Daviatt, Gallery Intern

“I remember being so surprised when I found out he had written Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U.  That song was iconic when it first came out in the early 90s, and on heavy rotation on MTV (which I watched religiously).  It made me think that he was actually more relatable as an artist that I had originally assumed.” – Susan Abbott, Associate Director, Programs

If you have your own Prince memories, please share them in the comments section below!

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