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The Best Things in Life Are Free

I looked up from my computer this morning and was struck with the realization that summer is almost over.  That led me back to my computer to check out the last few weeks of Music in the Air.  Yes, there’s still a reason to pack a basket and a blanket and sit out under the […]

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A Summer Collage

My mother used to call me a “leaf thief.” That had to do with my love of African violets such that I would ask friends if I could steal a leaf from any of their exotic violets that I coveted. I would “root” the leaf and eventually, I had a window sill of friends in […]

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Family-friendly Fun

People friendly, that’s what most people want from their summer leisure destinations. With that in mind, I took off with grandkids Astrid and Nadia for what I hoped would be a people-friendly weekend at Mystic Seaport this summer. Not only was it people friendly, but it was dog friendly, too.  And both kids and dogs (on […]

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