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Memory Lane


I’m taking a trip down Memory Lane and remembering the late George Delaney who served as Con Edison Vice President for Westchester operations for many years. George was super involved in community life, served on many boards and supported many causes, one of them being the arts.  I first met George at a “Sunset Serenade” […]

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The Best Things in Life Are Free

I looked up from my computer this morning and was struck with the realization that summer is almost over.  That led me back to my computer to check out the last few weeks of Music in the Air.  Yes, there’s still a reason to pack a basket and a blanket and sit out under the […]

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Big Band-Aid Not Needed

My guest blogger this week is Alvin H. “Skip” Reiss, a long time friend and colleague, whose nationally recognized newsletter Arts Management celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.  Skip is the author of eight books on the arts and taught arts management for over 40 years.  The thing about Skip is that he is a […]

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Music in the Air

Music is my favorite summer sport.  Many people seem to agree, which is why ArtsWestchester promotes more than 250 free or affordable (under $20) outdoor concerts in Westchester this summer, under the rubric “Music in the Air.”  (https://www.artswestchester.org/music-in-the-air/) Music in the Air is  a private/public partnership with county government, the arts and corporations joining together […]

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Caramoor: A Garden of Great Music

Michael Barrett Conducting

When there is Music in the Air, I always think of Caramoor (www.caramoor.org).  It’s that special place in the county that is called “A Garden of Great Music.”  Caramoor reverberates each summer with its seven-week International Music Festival, now in its 66th year.  This year the festival is truly a global affair with a roster […]

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