Remembering Ralph Martinelli



There are many ways to remember Ralph Martinelli.  As an entrepreneur, Ralph purchased Spotlight Magazine from Susan Meadows and turned it into Westchester’s version of New York Magazine, a monthly compendium of everything Westchester. But that’s not all.  As Westchester Magazine publisher, he delighted in singing the praises of folks in Westchester, who deserved the praise but perhaps were unsung…but that’s not all. Ralph dreamed up categories…”Best of Westchester,” “Most Influential Women,” “The Power Dozen,” “Wunderkinds.” He always found a way to celebrate those who were leaders in one field or another… food, fine arts, business, movers and shakers. First he’d designate a category. Then he’d choose the recipients. Not to be outdone, he’d then build an event around it, sell some sponsorships and we’d all feel good celebrating our friends and colleagues. To be anointed “Best of” or “Most…” was an honor for people making a difference in all spheres. For the anointed ones, there were some perks, too. Each “bestie” would be invited to the magazine’s headquarters at 2 Clinton Avenue in Rye, where a hairstylist and make-up artist would do a quick make-over prior to a glamour photoshoot. The honorees would leave the studio looking like a million bucks and feeling exalted and acknowledged. Shining the spotlight on the lives and values of others will be one powerful way Ralph Martinelli will be remembered. He will also be remembered as the bon vivant, showman, business mogul and scratch golfer that he was at his finest. As for me, I will remember a dear friend and dedicated board member who honored me with his friendship.