A Recipe for Lemonade

The weather outside was frightful as I struggled my way back to Westchester last Monday evening. As my plane prepared to land, LaGuardia Airport closed its runway. Fortunately, Newark Airport welcomed us just before their runway closed.  As we circled the airports and landed to cheers, we heard the media warn that “this blizzard will be of historic proportions.”  And so it was, but not in Westchester. Few cars were on the roads on our trip from Newark to Armonk, thanks to the early precautions that were taken. Back at the ArtsWestchester offices, the staff wrapped up the ArtsNews issue a day early which was more of a record accomplishment than the snow storm. On Tuesday, the Governor in his infinite wisdom called it (the weather) “an imprecise science.” Broadway called it a spoiler. CBS and NBC seemed not to be able to find anyone who complained about a day off with the family, posting idyllic photos from around the metropolitan area. How fabulous it was to drive on snow-cleared roads the following day! Sounds to me like a recipe for lemonade.

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