In Times like These What Do We Need?



In times like these, what do we need? A touch… a voice…perhaps, a hand…a place to sigh, or cry… maybe we need a space to think of things to come, of ways to cope. In these uncertain times, we need a song to sing… a path to follow… a phrase to give us hope. Some words may help us believe again. We need a way, a means, to help us fathom the unthinkable. We need to embrace the wonder of ideas and the warmth of feelings. Can someone strike the chord we need? Or write the play to frame the past, or pen a book that speaks volumes. What we need is a spoken word of hope… a place to be inspired… a time to be uplifted… a room where we can listen and hear the sounds of healing. We need to see images that take us places or stir out memories. We need to dance and find joy again. What we need is the spirit of gathering.  We need the arts. ​