A Dream on Hold

                                                                                                    We at ArtsWestchester are launching a campaign to raise funds for a sector of our community that has suffered hardships during this pandemic — our artists. Think about the individual artist, one who may be ready to sing at a local theater. She has hired the back up, reserved the date, rehearsed the melodies, spent some hard earned cash on arrangements, and poof…the show can’t go on…there’s a pandemic going on instead in Westchester. Restaurants and theaters are shut tight and a young singer, and many like her, must put her dream on hold. For her, and many like her, putting a dream on hold is a painful reality in this crisis that impacts us all. Today’s many artists, painters, actors, and playwrights are putting their dreams on hold due to cancellations of exhibitions and performances. They have struggled endlessly over the years to present their work to the public…but these events may never come to pass. For many artists —putting a dream on hold means putting a life on hold. We can give that singer a small grant to compensate her for what she has already spent. But how can we make up for the dream on hold? It’s not only about money. A $500 grant in recognition of her losses is helpful, but more important there is a recognition of the loss of a dream yet to come. A small gift to say “Here’s the applause you may have missed. Let this grant sustain your dream until we all can gather once again to hear your song, see your painting, watch your play.” Let us keep our creative community together and ready for the next show.


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