Dusting Off the Playhouse



I must admit I was curious. Having gone for years to the very dated Bedford theater, I was sad to hear it was closing and then happy to hear it that was being rescued by community-minded folks whose fond memories of the vintage theater, like mine, lingered on. So off I went one evening, to a wine tasting at the Bedford Playhouse, now a “movie house” and home of the Clive Davis Arts Center. My guide and “sommelier” was Dan Friedman, Director of Development, who let me try out all the chairs in all the various theater spaces. This is a place that reeks of comfort. When you go, you don’t necessarily have to see a movie. You can have a cocktail, or a snack at the cafe, even mingle with the Bedford glitterati. I would call the menu of cultural events there a smorgasbord, but that doesn’t explain its sophistication. So let’s say it’s more like a mélange of play readings, films, music and, of course, first-run movies. Led by its founder and then-Board-Chair John Farr, the organizing group raised $8 million for the building’s transformation. However, the real secret weapon of the Bedford Playhouse is the army of talented Bedford residents who mobilized to make this happen and still provide support to the organization. As I said, I was curious and you will be too.

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