Did you ever stumble on an intimate conversation between two people that you felt you weren’t supposed to hear but couldn’t stop listening to?  That’s how I felt watching the play Constellations, now on stage at the Whippoorwill Hall Theater.  In this production by the Hudson Stage Company, two awkward lovers try to connect. They get closer, miss the mark, then try again. As the play moves on, endings change, roles reverse and the meaning of words expand and alter. All the while, the distance between the lovers becomes more or less.  It made me wonder why words are not enough. This is a play that examines possibilities. What if we had the luxury in life of doing it over, changing the rules and thus changing the outcomes?

An ArtsWestchester Arts Deal offers a discounted ticket price through November 3. Constellations runs on Fridays-Sundays through November 3.

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