Chosen Family

The idea that you can choose your own family…that you can reassemble your family structure into a more compassionate one than the one you were born with…that you can build your own safety net…has been around informally for eons. It was given a name in 1988 in a Canadian comic strip called “The Chosen Family”. In addition to providing care and support, the chosen family gives individuals, particularly those in the LBGTQ community, a sense of freedom.  Imagine being trapped in a family that doesn’t accept or approve of your identity. Consider the chosen family as perhaps permission to create the warm, loving and supportive entity we all need in life’s journey. ArtsWestchester joins with The LOFT in presenting three programs that highlight the artistic practices of chosen families, including runway walking and vogue in the New York house ball scene. The programs beginning May 3rd are an early Pride celebration, supported by a Humanities New York Action Grant. To ArtsWestchester. Click here for the program information.