Art on the Beach


As a kid from the Rockaways, I’ve got a lot of sand in my toes…so much so that when Catherine Cioffi, Chief of Communications for Westchester County Executive George Latimer suggested a gallery at Playland we agreed to trek over there to give it a “look see”. What we found was a space too humid for a gallery but perfect for a mural, fabulous for sculpture or even better, well-proportioned for an art installation. For many artists, the beach can be memorable or maybe inspirational. For me, the kid from the Rockaways, I relive the summers before air conditioning when my father would take us down to Beach 27th St. after dinner. There we would fall asleep on a blanket under the stars, only to wake up the next morning in our neat little beds with sand in our toes. So artists. Bring it on. Your ideas, stories, dreams visualizations, models, aspirations. One of you will receive a $5000 commission which may encourage us to do art on the beach next year in a bigger way. This project is a partnership between ArtsWestchester, Westchester County government, and the Westchester Parks Foundation. Starting Monday, May 13, visit ArtsWestchester’s Artist Opportunities for full details on how to apply.