Aaron Copland on CBS

Westchester’s Copland House is on a hot streak with three national broadcast appearances in just the last four months. For those of you who may have been distracted by the countdown to the holidays, whether it was the last-minute shopping or the long list of year-end to-dos, here’s what you missed—Aaron Copland on CBS.  Well, it wasn’t him in person of course, but a tribute to him on CBS Sunday Morning’s “Almanac” segment, to mark the anniversary of Copland’s passing in 1990.  Hosted by Jane Pauley, the segment included a brief profile of Copland’s career composing operas, ballets, orchestral music, band music, chamber music, choral music and film scores – as well as writing, teaching and conducting. Highlighted was a brief live performance by Copland House’s own Artistic and Executive Director pianist Michael Boriskin and Principal Violinist Curtis Macomber.  In case you didn’t know it, Copland House is the organization that keeps alive the brilliance of Aaron Copland, a composer strongly linked with the American heartland.  It’s no wonder Director Spike Lee chose Copland’s music to score his 1998 film “He Got Game” – watching the video below, it’s obvious Copland had it.



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