With My Deepest Appreciation

Over the past 33 years as CEO of ArtsWestchester, I look back on what has been an extraordinary collaboration in which all of you have played a significant role. While I consider myself an artist, my practice has been primarily visual arts, more precisely painting. Working with all of you, I have learned the nuances of many more diverse disciplines and ways of working. More than that, with your counsel, your guidance, your support, your often brilliant ideas, your good advice, and much more have been guideposts for me along the way.

Our work together, of course, has centered importantly on our advocacy for arts and culture. Your collective good works have always been the basis of our promoting the importance of the arts – real stories and real examples of the impact each of you has had in your own way, in your own discipline, and in your own community. The success we have built together stems from our belief in the empowerment of the arts to motivate change and transformation.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the choir leader for the arts community who has been humbled to tell anyone who will listen, but especially the county and the state, how meaningful the arts are in Westchester County.  And to be sure, arts and culture here have grown to become a vital creative industry employing many people, bringing great luster to our county and helping others to express their ideas. As I am moving on to yet another chapter, I look forward to our paths crossing in new ways.