Who Writes History?

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, “Pinkster King”

ArtsWestchester’s current Who Writes History? exhibition was conceived during the height of the disinformation surge in this country. If one were to ask Winston Churchill his view on the subject, he would likely say with a smirk: “history is written by the victors.” And, to be sure, many scholars agree. However, at ArtsWestchester we think everyone has a story for the history books. We are story-keepers here and have become a repository of voices – the voices of women, immigrants, minorities, indigenous peoples – that echo stories left out of history books. This is one of the reasons we call ourselves The Arts Exchange. Years ago, banks were called exchanges, and we house our gallery in the former People’s National Bank. Here in our home, we amplify diverse voices. As a community museum, we collect and reveal our peoples’ pasts as well as their future aspirations. Those voices that are most yearning to be heard are the voices in this exhibition. Who Writes History? acknowledges that all voices are valid in what has become our undeniable American narrative.