There Are Walls and There Are Walls

Recently, I have been thinking about walls….not the Berlin wall, the Pink Floyd wall or even Robert Frost’s Mending Wall, but the ironic oppositional interpretations which love walls or hate them depending on their purpose. In this case, I am watching with excitement the new exhibition and partition walls going up in our gallery thanks to a generous NYSCA grant. These walls are architectural, defining spaces within the gallery, directing visitors from one location to another and separating spaces according to function.  These walls are flexible, meaning they can be assembled in various configurations that allow us to change and vary the exhibition experience. Dare I say that in our 20-year quest to transform a bank into an arts center, these walls are really off the charts…thus giving us that oh so MOMA look…well sort of. These walls are functional and aesthetic and above all nonpartisan. So, in answer to Poet Frost’s supposition: “something there is that does not love a wall?” I raise my hand and say “I do”… at least in our gallery. Come see our new wall and the exhibition Modern Familieson view from March 3 through May 25 in our downtown White Plains Gallery.

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