Them Thar Woods

The sound of a jackhammer is as unmistakable as Beethoven’s Fifth. At least, so I thought. Lolling around one morning, I felt my bed shaking with a rat-a-tat. I knew the sound well. It was the sound of a jackhammer. Years ago, when I bought my home in the woods of Armonk, I hired a contractor to jackhammer away a concrete pool that the former owner had installed in the living room. They called it an onsen, which was an Asian style soaking tub. Fast forward to a very sunny spring morning this week as my bed was shaking like someone was using a jackhammer on my house. I ran outside and eyeballed the perimeter. No one there. I called my neighbor. His house is high and looks down on mine. Did he see anything?  Oh yes. Here’s the picture he sent to me of the culprit. There’s more than deer and coyotes in them thar woods.