The Play’s The Thing!

Denise Bessette is a modern woman. In fact, she is so modern that you might even consider her a 21st-Century feminist. As an actress, she made up her mind some time ago that she’d like to play the part of Nora, Henrik Ibsen’s character in A Doll’s House who leaves her husband and her children for many reasons, not the least of which is the expectation that she be a compliant, obedient and sensible wife with no authority in her mundane life.

Denise, with her curly golden cascading hair has spunk enough to play the role of Nora, especially now that Nora has been redrawn in the “sequel” version, A Doll’s House, Part 2 written by Lucas Hnath, and presented this month by the Hudson Stage Company, of which Bessette is a founder.

Though happily married, Bessette understands that marriage is not for everyone and can be a prison for some. She says “not everyone can equitably share a lifetime.”

“There’s no male-bashing here,” she assures me, “just the recognition that many women prefer to be alone rather than seeking a relationship to hopefully make them complete.”

So when Nora, after 15 years, returns as an accomplished writer in the new play to seek her divorce, the play offers a new take on “’til death do us part.” Bring your sharp elbow to this performance because you will want to jab your partner with your funny bone with each biting line. And trust me, there are many.

     A Doll’s House, Part 2 will run from October 18 through November 2 at the Whippoorwill Hall Theatre in Armonk.