The Evolution of Public Art

The evolution of public art is an interesting journey that began as a way to memorialize and revere individuals, sometimes war heroes, for their service to the public. During the New Deal, public art was used to put artists to work during the depression. They created works of art in conjunction with public construction projects. Today public art is used to enliven public spaces bringing art into open arena for all to enjoy. Recently, ArtsWestchester worked with the tenants, management and developers of the new apartment complex, The Prelude, at the White Plains Housing Authority Winbrook Houses. Kudos to Winn Residential Property Management and co-developers White Plains Housing Authority / Jonathan Rose Company for a wonderful job well done: the result is a charming landscape that surrounds an alcove of mailboxes, which hopefully enriches the daily experience of picking up the mail. Through a collaborative process, the artist, Piero Manrique, has created an artwork that belongs to the residents and deepens their shared experience. Thus the public art evolution moves forward, bringing yet another value to the community – that of making art accessible to everyone. Funny how a mural becomes the water cooler of the residential hub.

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