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Freezing a Moment

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There’s something to be said for freezing a moment.  That’s what photographers do. One Westchester photographer I know has been freezing many moments as the construction of the new Mario M. Cuomo bridge has been underway. David Rocco, a retired civil service carpenter, is happy when he is photographing construction projects. For the past few […]

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American Moments

Kennedy Funeral by John Shearer

    Many of us remember exactly where we were when John F. Kennedy was shot.  For me, the scene is emblazoned in my mind. I was in my kitchen spooning mashed banana into my toddler’s mouth. The radio soothed some Sinatra… perhaps it was The Summer Wind. From bliss, I went into panic mode […]

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A Good Man

They say a good man is hard to find. So when Sondra found Larry Salley some 42 years ago, she married him because Larry Sally was truly a good man.  I am told that a good man is a good son, a good father, a good brother and a good friend. Larry Salley was all […]

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The Magic of Photography

Back in the day, my dad, Irving, thought of himself as a cross between Irving Penn and Ansel Adams. As a photographer, his signature mark was cutting off people’s heads… in the photos, that is. My brother Charles and I were his subjects. We would stand for hours in a bow, curtsy or other ridiculous […]

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Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

When people ask where I’m from, I most often say, “I’m just a kid from the Rockaway’s.” This used to evoke a querulous “Where?” But no longer. Unfortunately, the Rockaway’s are recently famous, but not for the charm and fun I knew riding my bike on the boardwalk on a brisk winter’s day from Beach […]

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An Album of Memories

Photographs store memories, and we can’t get enough of those. There’s something so sweet about pouring over family albums, rediscovering the past and sharing stories of “remember when?” That was my feeling wandering the current exhibition, Celebrities: We Remember Them Well, at ArtsWestchester. Seeing Lyndon Baines Johnson on horseback…he appears somewhat regal and audacious. This […]

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Rising Dragon

The eyes of the world seem to be on Chongqing, where politics, corruption and art exist side by side. It was the municipality governed until recently by Bo Xilai, a prominent Chinese party official who was high up in the succession chain before his wealth and political ties became a notorious issue in the Chinese […]

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