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Art With a Flashlight

The ancient art of shadow puppetry is something most of us as kids have tried.  With a white sheet on the wall, and a flashlight, it’s fun to conjure up wolves, dogs and ominous people.  The folklore surrounding this 2,000-year-old practice tells of an Emperor who was able to cure his grief by viewing the […]

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Saving the Rockaways

Perhaps I am dating myself…BUT…When I was just a kid growing up in the Rockaways, my mother and I would board the Long Island Railroad every Saturday for an hour trip into Manhattan for ballet classes and for Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s concerts at Carnegie Hall.  The closest thing we had to culture was the […]

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Pelham Art Centers says farewell to Lisa Robb

Yesterday was Lisa Robb Day in Pelham.  I know this because I heard it proclaimed last night at a farewell party for Lisa who has left the Pelham Art Center after 11 years as the Director. The Pelham Art Center is a family affair. Our hosts, Paul Francis, former treasurer of the board (last century) […]

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