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American Moments

Kennedy Funeral by John Shearer

    Many of us remember exactly where we were when John F. Kennedy was shot.  For me, the scene is emblazoned in my mind. I was in my kitchen spooning mashed banana into my toddler’s mouth. The radio soothed some Sinatra… perhaps it was The Summer Wind. From bliss, I went into panic mode […]

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Art That Jumps Off the Wall


It was Times Square at night that inspired Greek-born artist Stephen Antonakos (1926-2013) to begin working his magic in neon. He is said to have loved the garish colors and the tubes of light. Neuberger Museum of Art now reverberates with his spectacular “Procenium” installation, completed in 2000 and designed specifically for the space it […]

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The NEA at Its Best

Eastern Gate, 1961

When I think of Romare Bearden, I can actually reproduce in my mind colorful depictions of African American factory workers going about their laborious routines. I am less familiar with the artist’s abstract works, which are at the root of his vision. Now, in part through a $45,000 grant from National Endowment for the Arts […]

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POP! A Flashback to the Sixties

uncle sam

Last week, wandering through Neuberger Museum of Art, I was transported to the Greenwich Village and Lower East Side of my youth. Graphic and sculptural interpretations of Campbell Soup cans, bathrobes, lipsticks and other ordinary objects were suddenly appearing in galleries as high ticket items. The movement that started in the fifties seemed to flourish and expand […]

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Remembering Rocky

rockerfeller fundraiser

  I had quite forgotten how spectacular the view is at Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate in Tarrytown. This week, it was glorious as Friends of ArtsWestchester shared a visit. (These are our special members whom we take to stellar arts places.) Henry Moore was at Kykuit to welcome us. Not in person of course, but […]

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If the Face Had Wheels

The paintings are scary, unreal and grotesque. There are the imaginary people who consume their own bodies or parts thereof such as the “Face Eater.” There is the “Gouged Girl,” in which a girl picnics nonchalantly on the beach. Her face and body are partly singed. You might for a moment react in disgust to […]

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Chew on this

Is there any person in the New York metropolitan region who at one time or another has not recoiled from stepping on a used piece of chewing gum?  Or worse, found a piece stuck on the bottom of a desk or table?  Ugh. Though slightly gross, very annoying and morally disrespectful, it’s a part of […]

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