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A Force of Nature in Peekskill

Twenty five years ago, the City of Peekskill announced a new vision. It would boost its revitalization effort by becoming an artistic outpost. At the time, Peekskill hadn’t yet met Livia Straus who, with her husband Marc, established the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill. Livia, a force of nature herself, proceeded to pepper the Peekskill landscape […]

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Art, The Commodity

An extraordinary thing happened in the 1980s.  It seemed to come out of the blue.  The East Village gave birth to a rash of galleries in every imaginable nook and cranny…storefronts, apartments, even abandoned buildings.  That period in the annals of art history is explored in a new exhibition “Circa 1986” at the Hudson Valley […]

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