In Memory of Sylvia Rogers

It is spring, theoretically, that is, and I suppose it is time for me to put it out there for all to know. As a golfer, my game leaves a lot to be desired.  What leads me to this admission are my thoughts about my dear friend, former board member and good humored golf companion Sylvia Rogers who passed away this month.  Sylvia was an avid and accomplished golfer.  She was one of those proficient sportswomen who would walk out on a tennis or golf course with such an air of confidence that she scored points even before the game began.  When ArtsWestchester first organized its fundraising golf outing, (this year scheduled for June 15) Sylvia offered to get me ready for the occasion by teaching me the birdies and the bogeys as well as the difference between a wedge and a wood. I would meet Sylvia at Whippoorwill Golf Club, more or less around high noon when no one else was around to embarrass either one of us. As a single-digit golfer, Sylvia never minded being stuck with a beginner for 18 holes and she did this with grace, good humor and generosity. Sylvia brought those same caring and selfless traits to her role as a board member, supporting our arts education program.  Her special interest was children whose schools couldn’t afford to offer arts education opportunities. When I heard about Sylvia’s passing, I thought about what fun we had together.  I wondered whether she had as much fun being a mentor as I had learning from a master.  On that score, I console myself with fact that she invited me back year after year.  I will miss her.