The pARTnership Movement

Partnerships seem to be the latest buzzword here in Westchester and nationally. According to a new study from The University of Southern California reported in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, all levels of government are increasingly joining the partnership movement, with many federal offices striving to “demystify” the various  styles and cultures of each sector.  Americans for the Arts has been on the cutting edge of this movement working with arts councils throughout the country to catalyze these partnerships between business and the arts. Their website is a virtual tool kit for this activity. Artswestchester has hopped on the partnership bandwagon, building 47 new ones this year alone. I like to quote my good friend, the former Republican Mayor of White Plains Joe Delfino, who always said, “Nobody does anything alone.” It’s the same sentiment as “It takes a village.”  And we all know which Democrat said that. I hasten to observe that at least in one respect, we’re all on the same page.

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