One Artist Speaking Out For Others

Man wearing glasses holds an artworkArtist Charles Fazzino says he makes art like he makes lasagna—layer upon layer. We caught up with him recently when he made an unsolicited $5,000 gift to ArtsWestchester’s Artist Relief Fund. As an artist himself, he has been concerned about the plight of many fellow creatives who have been unemployed during  Covid. According to a survey by Americans for the Arts, artists have suffered disproportionally during this year-long pandemic. A year ago, we established an Artist Relief Fund, which has raised $23,568 and distributed grants to 25 Hudson Valley artists. Enter Charles Fazzino, who has made a successful career crafting large three-dimensional works that are scooped up by fans the world over. During Covid, he dedicated the $50,000 sale of one of his major works to charitable organizations.  Fazzino is no ordinary painter. In his New Rochelle studio, the former home of TerryTunes films, 12 artists/ assistants and 40 freelance artists help him to fabricate his monumental tableaus.

It may be possible (who knows?) that there is an artistic gene.  If so, Charles Fazzino likely inherited one from his parents. His father, a creative fellow, had a factory that made bows for ladies’ shoes.  As a kid in a fun factory, Fazzino got to use scissors, glue, glitz and glitter. His mom, an artsy gal from Finland,  introduced him to pop-up books. Somehow, his imagination put a thousand and two things together and came up with an original three-dimensional way of making art. He is well-known for creating scenes and cityscapes with acrylic paint and thousands of pieces of cut paper. Well, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself on his website.

P.S. Anyone who purchases a mini-print of his “This Soon Shall Pass” artwork can earmark their donation for ArtsWestchester using the code: “ArtsWestchester” when ordering directly through the gift shop page of the artist’s website or by emailing his gallery representative at

Artwork containing a rainbow and butterfiles that surround different country locations of the world

“This Soon Shall Pass” by Artist Charles Fazzino