Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

My granddaughter, as a child, always loved to go for dance lessons at Steffi Nossen School of Dance (SNSD). Not for the lessons necessarily, but she loved to laugh at herself in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. I always wondered why dance studios had so much “look/see“ space. Shelley Grantham, Executive Director at Steffi Nossen, explained to me:

“The reason for floor-to-ceiling mirrors in dance studios is for two reasons: First is so the dancers can see themselves and other students while learning. It helps them to be able to follow along, see what side they should be using, and if they are on tempo. The other reason is to help the instructors to see the full group at one time, both the front of their bodies and back, allowing for better corrections and communication between teacher and student. The reason the mirrors are so tall is because of dancers lifting each other and needing the ability to see it in the mirror.”

So SNSD’s parents, teachers and students will get together next Saturday night, March 25, to celebrate their professional achievements, and to let the community know the importance of dance. The event will take place at the White Plains Performing Arts Center.