Lefties Rock

Some folks say lefties have more fun. With that in mind, and, because I had rotator cuff surgery on my right arm yesterday, I tested out that theory.  In between ice packs and Advil, I dusted off my best left-handed hunt and peck and soothed my anxiety about spending the next six weeks in a sling as a lefty. No fun at all.

Then, I checked out the ArtsWNews calendar to see what I may be missing. Top of the list is the opening of Caramoor‘s International Music Festival Saturday night with violin soloist Joshua Bell and the St. Luke’s Orchestra. Please try not to miss that glorious evening. I should be back in good shape to see you all the following Saturday night when singer/songwriter Roseanne Cash takes the Caramoor stage with her feisty blend of gospel, rock, folk, country, blues and whatever else is on her mind and in her heart. Meanwhile, thanks for all the good wishes coming my way.

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