It’s Worth Remembering

Hard to believe that tonight is the 18th year ArtsWestchester is hosting its popular ArtsBash. But, it’s worth remembering that in 1998, we had just purchased a nine story old bank in “as is” condition. For the uninitiated, “as is” means everything is on its last legs in a building that has been vacant for more than five years. Also it was filled with junk – not cool junk, but hundreds of filing cabinets, safes and safety deposit boxes, obsolete in the current tech-driven world. Community expectations were high. “What to do?” was the question.  The answer? “Do what you know how to do. Fill the space with art.” We put out a call and 170 artists agreed to bring their work. Next door to us at the time loomed the old vacant Macy’s department store. In a riff off of the empty Macy’s, our event would be a department store of art. That was in 1999. Since then, more than 700 artists have shown their work in our building – some at ArtsBash, others at our year-round exhibitions. It’s also fair to say that more than 150 restaurants have brought their culinary arts to our ArtsBash tables. Are we happy? Yes. Today, happiness is all about an ArtsBash filled with food, wine and fabulous art. It starts at 6 p.m.

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