Honoring The Bridge

Photo courtesy of NYS Thruway Authority

Can a bridge be a work of art? At ArtsWestchester, we think it can. That is why we will be honoring the New New York Bridge at our upcoming 2017 gala on November 18 at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains. Like most creative people, designers of public works aspire to create uplifting, aesthetically pleasing and awe-inspiring works. Engineering of course is most critical to its function. However, aesthetics are important to its embrace by its users. On the University of Bristol’s Engineering website, it is postured: “Their undeniable beauty derives naturally from their structural form in a naturally harmonious context. It is almost an unintended consequence of their structure – the flow of their internal forces.” Our bridge, soon to be known as the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, has a special motivation to inspire as it traverses the great Hudson River, which for centuries has inspired artists. It was the Hudson River that stirred the imaginations of artists, giving prominence to the much admired Hudson River School of artists. If only for this reason, our bridge dares not be ordinary. And… ordinary it is not. Its span, its grace, its beauty, its form, its lightness, its curves and its harmony with the landscape are all among its attributes. Will it achieve the stature of the Golden Gate? Only time will tell. But for now, we at ArtsWestchester invite you to celebrate with us its harmony of form and function. To join us, visit: artsw.org/gala.