Graduation is Like a Pink Sack of Flour

Graduation season is daunting for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that every family I know is boasting at least one graduate. So bragging rights were out the window, even though I had two beautiful graduates to brag about this June.

As I wallowed alone in that oh-so-mushy nostalgic feeling, my emotions brought me back to memories of my own graduation from 8th grade at P.S. 104 in Far Rockaway. The date, of course, is irrelevant. What’s most memorable is the home economics teacher who decreed that in order to graduate, each girl had to make her own graduation dress. What’s worse is she picked out a pink petally see-through organza material that made us all look like fat sacks of flour. Trust me. Even the skinny girls looked fat. Try as I may, I can never forget my fashion debut as a pink sack of flour. It was then and there that I vowed to be one of the skinny girls, eat like a bird forever and of course, never wear pink organza. Thankfully, girls today no longer let pink dresses color their choice of desserts.