Good News Comes in All Forms



Good news comes in many forms. Yesterday, there was good news out of Washington D.C. which is, in itself, is a “surprise” since good news out of Washington is as rare as hen’s teeth.

Indeed, it seems that the U.S. Senate has voted to support funding of the Arts and Humanities Endowments at $155 million each. That’s what I call “so-so” good news because it is only $2 million more for each agency than in the prior year. (I always hope for more.) Alas. Alack.

However, what really is some “extraordinarily” good news is that the Senate vote tallied in at 92 in favor and six against. Could it be that with all the turmoil at play in Washington, there were 92 senators who agreed with each other on the arts? That may categorize as “historic” good news. But there’s one more hurdle—the President’s signature. Now that would be perfect.

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