The God Game

Religion and politics!  These are two topics that are a no-no in polite company.  Or so I thought until I saw the new Hudson Stage Company (HSC) production of “The God Game.”  In “The God Game,” a moderate Republican senator is wooed to be the running mate of a conservative governor…if only he would please the party by declaring his Christian faith. There is only one tiny problem. He is not sure he believes in God. Can he hedge about this and win the nomination without losing the love of his life — his wife, a devout Christian? Can he maintain his authenticity? Well, you get the picture. You’ve seen this play in real life. But, on stage, it’s a romp. The actors were superb. The set was stunning. The post-play chit-chat was spicy. The best part was that the theater was ten minutes from my home. Yes, the HSC has moved to Whippoorwill Hall in Armonk (kudos Armonk!) from its former home on the Pace Briarcliff campus. We (the neighbors) are thrilled.

“The God Game” can be seen through October 25. You can get tickets at (use code ARTSfall for a special discount!).  In case you want a more detailed review of the  play, you can call County Legislator Mike Smith, an ArtsWestchester board member, and Assemblyman David Buchwald, both of whom were in the audience, applauding. And, BTW, HSC is supported by ArtsWestchester.

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