Give a Shout Out to a Westchester (Woman) Artist!

Happily, I celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday.  People were tweeting their favorite artists. So I decided I would, too. I am using this occasion to give a shout out to 101 awesome Westchester artists who have exhibited in our gallery. If I missed anyone, please let me know in the comment section. The extraordinary work of these 101 artists is something to behold. You may find out more about each of them by visiting our Artist Directory.

I will continue to celebrate Westchester women artists right through March, which is Women’s History Month, and long after. I have always been warned never to name names. That being said, I am throwing all caution to the wind and apologize for any and all omissions, misspelling and the safe harbor of alphabetical order. So, please feel free to use this blog as a place to shout out to your artist colleagues and add your favorite women artists. Meanwhile, check out my favorite artist at and Go Ladies!

Christine Aaron ● Tomoko Abe ● Natalya Aikens ● Wendy Alvarez ● Inez Andrucyk ● Caitlin Applegate ● Dianne Aronian ● Suzanne Ashley ● Linda Ashton ● Linda Austrian ● Elizabeth Barksdale ● Nicoletta Barolini ● Deborah Beck ● Alyssa Bauer ● Dalia Berman ● Kelli Bickman ● Liz Biddle ● Haifa Bint-Kadi ● Susan Blatt ● Nancy Bowen ● Lisa Breznak ● Jo-Ann Brody ● Laura Carton ● Marianne Campolongo ● Sharon Cavagnolo ● Barbara Ceconi ● Joanna Cirasella ● Carolyn Colella ● Laurel Garcia Colvin ● Susan Cox ● Ellen Crane ● Nancy Davidson ● Kaya Deckelbaum ● April DeMarco ● Hilda Green Demsky ● Beth Dewitt ● Ronni Diamondstein ● Yardena Donig Youner ● Jessica Dubin ● Judith Economos ● Evelyn Eidelberg ● Loren Eiferman ● Karen Fairborn ● Donna Faranda ● Karen Ford ● Margaret Fox ● Barbara Grondin Francella ● Marcy Freedman ● Rima Grad ● Dara Kane ● Andrea Kantrowitz ● Reena Kashyap ● Terry Kessler-Schwarz ● Theresa Krump Leghorn ● Ann Ladd ● Cynthia Lin ● Susan Manspeizer ● Sherry Mayo ● Doris Montagna ● Joanne Mooney ● Sharon Mooradian ● Susan Obrant ● Mari Ogihara ● Jill Parry ● Ariel Plantz ● Berenice Pliskin ● Marilyn Richeda ● Evelyn Richy ● Barbara Rittenberg ● Dyan Rosenberg ● Susan Saas ● Marcia Spivak ● Eileen Stodut ● Antoinette Wysocki ● Sheryl Zacharia ● Glenda Zuckerman ● Hilary Sweeney ● Lea Weinberg ● Vicky Youngman ● Lise Prown ● Patricia Miranda ● Nazanin H. Munroe ● Barbara Segal ● Sue Koch ● Leigh Taylor Mickleson ● Carrie Belk ● Patricia Spergel ● Isabella Bannerman ● Katherine Dufault ● Ellen Brief ● Sarah Glickman ● Diane Cherr ● Perry Schwartz ● Carla Rae Johnson ● Heidi Fuhrman ● Joy Moser ● Mary Ann Lomonaco ● Gina Randazzo ● Connie Fried ● Helayne Friedland ● Randy Frost

Susan Cox during the "Sculpture" Opening Reception

Artist Susan Cox at the opening reception for ArtsWestchester’s Sculpture exhibition

Susan Manspeizer in Sculpture exhibition

Artist Susan Manspeizer at the opening reception for ArtsWestchester’s Sculpture exhibition








Featured image: SHE opening reception (photo credit: Leslye Smith)

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