Dear Eleanor Roosevelt

Visiting your cottage in Hyde Park on MLK weekend was a blast for me and my 15-year old granddaughter. We felt we were in the presence of greatness.  No need to remind us of the Women’s March, which will be taking place this weekend. It was securely on our minds. It was a blend of narratives: at the same time, we were reminded of your powerful legacy as a leader, activist and author of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  We understood the moment.

The simple quarters where you greeted world leaders spoke volumes to us about the authenticity of your life’s work.  Then there were the half dozen unmatched, upholstered chairs in your living room. They seemed purposeful, given your explanation that people also come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Thank you for remaining a guiding force in these troubled times, as women throughout our nation unite to once again assert their rejection of tokenism, sexism, non-consensual intimacy, harassment and other degrading forms of transgression. Thank you for your legendary travels, which brought you to places far and wide – including Queens, where I once met you long ago. This fact has been bragging rights for my granddaughter. For me it was memorable – an affirmation that we need to be decent in our values, unwavering in our mission and fierce in our resistance. The story goes on.

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