ArtsWestchester Announces Major New Social Justice Artist Grant

In our ever-expanding environment, one thing seems certain—change. In fact, the forces that propel change are on the rise and no sector seems immune. Racial equity is long sought and overdue. Women’s rights demand attention. Can we afford free college tuition for all? Is healthcare a right? What can we do about hunger in America? What are our thoughts about immigration, or about incarceration? Child care? Homelessness? Affordable housing?  Is climate really changing? What ails the economy? The concerns are infinite and real.
ArtsWestchester is putting its ear to the ground, so to speak. Knowing that the arts can illuminate issues, the organization has announced three $10,000 grants to artists whose projects fit the criteria of a new grant program called Voices for Change. It’s part of the organization’s effort to broaden the civic conversation. As an artist, you can elevate the discourse.  Say it in art. Or music.  Or even dance. Partner with a community organization and opt in to Voices for Change.
To find out how to submit your proposal by the April 5 deadline, visit