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When I reflect on Harvey, and then on Irma, I can’t help thinking aloud: “So, who’s creating all this disturbance anyway?”  Well perhaps it’s that nasty woman – Mother Nature – making a fuss about the state of the environment and calling on us to do our civic duty. Am I naive to believe in such super powers? Probably. Yet, it may be no accident that the story of Noah and his Ark has lasted for centuries, and it’s not such a stretch to really believe that the animals were saved, as the camp song goes – ” two by two-ee…elephants and kangaroo-ee – roo – ee – Children of the Lord.” So as long as there are some super-powered women out there, I will continue to be an optimist.

One of those super women is Julie Potter, a founder and business manager of “Paws Crossed.” Now that she’s helped save the Greenburgh animal shelter, she seems bent on saving all the animals stranded by the most recent devastating storms. Her latest memo to me says that the first Harvey dogs are arriving at Paws Crossed this week with the help of Animal Aid USA.  So her question to me, and my question to you (as a “dog person”) is: “Would you consider giving temporary shelter to a Harvey dog?” If so, email: If you are wondering what this has to do with the arts, the answer is: it’s all about food for the soul.

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  1. Rob September 12, 2017 at 6:02 pm #

    Nice post. We actively support PC Rescue and couldn’t agree more about Julie and Jenn. As for the reasons that the myth of Noah has prevailed…. not so sure. xoxo

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