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Artists Rock Too


The influential artist Marcel Duchamp once said “I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists.” Although Duchamp was only half right, he made an important distinction between art and artists. Here at ArtsWestchester, we too believe in artists. They are an essential force in any creative community. Many venerable artists and philosophers have tried to explain the value […]

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The Queen of Collage

Anns studio in jpeg[1]

Ann Ladd is known around our digs as the Queen of Collage.  That’s because she trolls her White Plains neighborhood for what she calls “bits and pieces” that she turns into works of art. Recently, her work was on view at my local Chappaqua Library, in a show curated by artist Larry D’Amico who keeps […]

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Katonah Museum Honors Regional Artists


Walk into Kiyoshi Otsuka’s studio (if you can get past the door) and you’ll be reminded of Jackson Pollack. The paint splattered floor is dripped with layers of spattered hues, all of which are colors of paintings past and present. Stacks of work line the walls and fill the overhead shelves making it somewhat of […]

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Pilgrimage to Miami Basel


All of Westchester was there. At least so it seemed. It was the annual pilgrimage to Miami Basel, an event with more than twenty venues, hundreds of art dealers, artists and collectors, and more art sales than could be reasonably counted over the long week. Some say works were sold before the shows opened and […]

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What’s in a Life?


What’s in a life?  Last weekend, friends and relatives gathered at separate memorial services to honor and celebrate two artists whose lives resonated widely, but ended too soon. Artists have a way of building our engagement by presenting us with ideas and new ways to think about things. Their messages live on through their work […]

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Not Just a Labor of Love

We are worth it

Over the years, many people have asked me, “Do you know an artist who would volunteer to….paint a mural for my son’s school…perform at a benefit for our library…do a workshop for a group of seniors?”  This is a well-meaning request on the part of someone who wants to do good for a cause.  Yet, […]

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Mixing It Up at the Neuberger

Nadin Ospina, "Casa de Xolotl," 2005, stone, 26.8x16.5x15.35 in,

In a new exhibition at the Neuberger Museum of Art, four major contemporary Latin American artists – Enrique Chagoya, Demián Flores, Rubén Ortiz-Torres, and Nadín Ospina – are exploring and redefining their relationship to the pre-Columbian past of their countries of origin. The art of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans is a formidable cultural heritage.  […]

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Master of the Double Take


Colombian artist Federico Uribe is obsessed with objects… not just some objects, but many… books, sneakers, shoes, shoelaces, cartons, to name a few. His work is currently on view at the Hudson River Museum in an installation called Fantasy River which nearly rivals the museum’s famous Ruckus Manhattan by Red Grooms. There’s a certain irony […]

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